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Looking for a job in today’s economy can be a daunting task, and the healthcare industry is no exception.  Finding the right job, in the right location, with the right culture is challenging.  It’s also difficult to understand what geographies and medical specialties are in most demand, and the impact it can have on pay, call schedules, and professional growth.  Preparing for the onsite interview and avoiding pitfalls is critical.  These are areas where Health Connect Staffing can help, at no cost to you.

Health Connect Staffing is a leading nurse practitioner, physician assistant and physician recruiting firm that can help you find the job that is the perfect fit for YOU and the employer.   We understand that each person’s needs are different and require personalized attention.  Customer service is foremost.  Each candidate we have is assigned to a recruiter that will serve as their primary point of contact.  The recruiter will map open opportunities to your requirements and qualifications, and work with employers to identify unadvertised or new opportunities that fit your specialized requirements. We open doors for you, and will get you the opportunities you need to continue to grow.  We’ll also facilitate and communicate with you throughout the placement process including proposing you for the position, interviews, and contracting.

We understand your busy schedules, and cater our approach to you.  We have candidates that prefer frequent phone communications, others a short email or text.  We want to build a longstanding relationship with you and will keep you updated as you prefer.

We’re excited to work with you and would love to hear from you today.  There are a couple easy ways to get in touch as follows:

Thank you for considering Health Connect Staffing, a leading nurse practitioner, physician assistant and physician recruiting firm specialized in permanent placements.